Line Brook State Forest, waterfalls in

Waterfall Name: Line Brook State Forest, waterfalls in
Aka: ————-
Location: Redfield Twn

First Visit: 08-20-2017

State: New York State
Region: Central Region
County: Oswego County
Park Area: ————-

NYS Tourism Region: Thousand Island-Seaway
NYDEC Region: Central New York

Waterfall Challenge:————-

Waterfall Location: N43.58326 W75.77951
Parking: N43.58751 W75.76752
Trailhead: N43.58743 W75.76739
Trail Name, Reference to: ————-

Stream, River: Mill stream
Height, Type: several falls of various heights
Elevation: 1361ft
Level of Difficulty, Hiking Distance: 2.4 miles 1-way

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Comments, Notes: N43.55144 W75.75683 1287 ft 268 Line Brook, N43.55791 W75.75623 1331 ft end2 Trailhead #02, N43.56081 W75.76029 1346 ft swamp Photo, N43.56234 W75.76136 1350 ft beaverdam Photo, N43.56534 W75.76018 1353 ft h2 , N43.56694 W75.76026 1361 ft f3 photo, N43.56843 W75.76071 1390 ft d3 Photo, N43.57098 W75.76188 1406 ft b1 Photo, N43.57240 W75.76232 1431 ft a1 Photo


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