Bobbieswaterfalls, Waterfalls of New York State and Beyond

Waterfalls of New York State
Please Note:
 Any line item, that states the number of waterfalls in the given location, that page will and should include all the waterfalls for that location, to the best of my knowledge. This is the “Main Page” Reason for including all waterfalls for a given location, is the fact that I may have not seen them all, but want my readers to know they are there.

Waterfalls of the Central Region of New York State
Cayuga County
Chenango County
Cortland County
Delaware County
Herkimer County
Madison County
Oneida County
Onondaga County
Oswego County
Otsego County
Schuyler County
Seneca County
Tioga County
Tompkins County

Waterfalls of the Northern Region of New York State
Clinton County
Essex County
Franklin County
Hamilton County
Jefferson County
Lewis County
St Lawrence County
Warren County

Waterfalls of the Southern Region of New York State
Greene County
Sullivan County
Ulster County

Waterfalls of the Eastern Region of New York State
Albany County
Fulton County
Montgomery County
Rensselear County
Saratoga County
Schenectady County
Schoharie County
Washington County

Waterfalls of the Western Region of New York State
Allegany County
Erie County
Genesee County
Livingston County
Monroe County
Niagara County
Ontario County
Orleans County
Steuben County
Wayne County
Wyoming County
Yates County

18 thoughts on “Bobbieswaterfalls, Waterfalls of New York State and Beyond

  1. Rick

    Nevele falls is incorrect, that is the North Gully you have up. Nevele falls is actually on the property of the Nevele resort.

    1. Bobbie Sweeting Post author

      That is correct Rick. I had notes to make that correction. My original source list the location as Nevele Falls and then they mention the one on the resort property. It was only about a yr or so ago, I found more information to confirm it all. Currently this information is listed on digthefalls as there being information for two Nevele falls. All this will be noted and adjusted. Thanks for the contact and reminding me to get back working on my website!!

    1. Bobbie Sweeting Post author

      Thank You, check back often as I am doing quite a bit of background work here, and soon more pages will become live again.

  2. Randy P.

    Bobby I did some further research for you! The name of that pond I was referring to off Rossman Hill Rd. (on south side, near small parking area) it called Looking Glass Pond; and it has a trail that runs eastward of the pond and connects to Long Path Trail! That is the trail I couldn’t think of the name of! If you find Long Path Trail on a map, your well on your way to finding Panther Creek Falls! Panther Creek Falls is found (all 13 0f them) along the Long Path Trail between Rossman Hill Rd. and Sawyer Hollow Rd.); and the trail goes along the east border of the Panther Creek where the falls are located! So you should be able to also figure out whether you want to visit the falls from either the access point from Sawyer Hollow Rd. or Rossman Hill Rd., as the Long Path runs through both of these parking areas I mention for reaching these falls! Take care! Randy

  3. Randy P.

    Your welcome! With I forgot to mention that the small parking area on Rossman Hill Rd., has a fairly good size pond just south of it and a trail that leads to it. It is also a trail that continues on past the pond and works it ways slightly eastward and then has a fork to it! If you go left (northward) it takes you back up to Rossman Hill Rd.. With this is suppose to be a very significant trail; and once it crosses over Rossman Hill Rd. to the north, you are on track to making to Panther Creek Falls. But I didn’t have time to try that and so missed out on it! With what I did is relied on finding the trail by going eastward on Rossman Hill Rd. from that small parking area! Now, there is another way to reach Panther Creek Waterfalls from Rt. 20 Sawyer Hollow Rd.). If your going eastward on Sawyer Hollow Rd. (Rt. 20) and after passing Sawyer Hollow Rd. (Rt. 20) jct. with Looking Glass Rd., you will see a small parking area (on south side of the rd.) that looks like a place for fishermen to park; and from there if you travel south or asouthwest like direction it eventually reaches the waterfalls! So good luck and nice chatting here! Randy

  4. Randy P.

    Bobbie I never found Panther Creek when in that area in May 2015! You just need to go a little further than where you posted it to be at for Panther creek (on Rossman HIll Rd.)! If you find a small parking area on the left (just before where Rossman Hill Rd. reaches Looking Glass Rd. on the right), you could possibly park there and find the trail to Panther Falls by going east on Rossman Rd. from the parking area and then turning left (or north of the rd.) on to a small trail that is suppose to lead to the first of thirteen falls (going toward the north),that can be covered in just over a 1/2 mile or so, from what I could see from Fallguys description of this area! Good luck! Randy

    1. Bobbie Sweeting Post author

      I actually have not yet made it back to that area to find it. I do have more information on it, and now as well as the information you have provided. Thank you!!

    1. Bobbie Sweeting Post author

      When I get back home will post the names. Past couple of posts are beaver River. Belfort and Taylorville section.

    2. Bobbie Sweeting Post author

      I have updated the pictures posted from 9/5/2015 and today’s photos are from the Taylorville whitewater section on the Beaver River. I just sorted out my photos and will attach names to the photos as I confirm them.

  5. Randy

    Did you ever find out how to get to Panther Creek Falls that has a series of waterfalls? Per Waterfall Guy there are 13 waterfalls on a tributary to Panther Creek, located off of Rt. 20/Saw Hollow Rd. (between W. Fulton and summit, NY). With him showing that the first of these series of waterfalls starts at or near the jct. of Looking Glass Rd. & Rossman Hill Rd.! He shows photos of all 13 falls on the internet under All of them are impressive and yet he tells us that we need to go after a good soaking or in Early Spring since they are seasonal falls! But well worth visiting if in that area! Hope this helps in your effort to, also,

    update your website, in which I like a lot! Thanks and happy waterfalling! Randy from NC!


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