Lewis County New York State Waterfalls

Waterfall Name: Lewis County New York State Waterfalls
State: New York State
Region: Northern Region
NYS Tourism Region: Adirondack Mountains
NYDEC Region: Western Adirondacks/Eastern Lake Ontario

2 thoughts on “Lewis County New York State Waterfalls

  1. JennyD

    WOW, what a wonderful find!! These are truly treasures, priceless really!! My family and I have been exploring Lyons Falls, but want to cover more ground. Thank you for kindly sharing your excursions with humanity!!

    1. Bobbie Sweeting Post author

      Thanks so much for the compliment! I love that area! Feel free to share, as well as let me know any land access changes. So many locations are closing and posting the lands due to the unmindful people that are determined to tresspass! Keep in mind, it never hurts to simply ask the landowners.


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