High Falls, Deer River

Waterfall Name: High Falls, Deer River
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Location: Denmark Twn It was formerly called “Munger Mills.”

First Visit: 05-23-2015

State: New York State
Region: Northern Region
County: Lewis County

Park Area: ————-
NYS Tourism Region: Adirondack Mountains
NYDEC Region: Western Adirondacks/Eastern Lake Ontario

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Waterfall Location: N43.89730 W75.66350
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Stream, River: Deer River
Height, Type: 167ft,Horsetail
Elevation: 1050 ft
Level of Difficulty, Hiking Distance: Private

Whitewater Rte, Canoe Rte Map: http://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/detail/id/1288#main
Maps: Western New York All-Outdoors Atlas & Field Guide, 2008,B4,pg161

My Resource: New York Atlas & Gazetteer Delorme Publication 2007 Pg 84 A2
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Brochures, Travel Guides, Visitor Guides: http://www.adirondackstughill.com/index.php/site/attractions/waterfalls
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Additional Information: http://genealogytrails.com/ny/lewis/townhistories.html
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Nearest Intersection: Cataract St (Hwy 12) and Deer River Rd (Hwy 194)
Directions: THE FLATS (Class II, Mile 7.3) At 7.3 miles from New Boston, the volume of Deer River increases when a major tributary (Cobbs Creek) enters on river right. This marks the end of the gorge and the start of “The Flats.” This section of the river is reminiscent of the tamer sections of the Salmon River in Pulaski. At 11.7 miles (or 4.4 miles from Cobbs Creek) the river enters the town of Copenhagen and runs under the town bridge. Immediately past the Rte 12 bridge is a series of class 3 ledges. You may take out above these ledges HIGH FALLS DAM (TAKEOUT) THE PUTIN The putin is located at the Rte 177 bridge in New Boston. On the downstream side of the bridge, on river left, is a drainage ditch that leads down to the river bank. THE GORGE (Class III, Mile 0.1)From the putin you’ll promptly enter a deep shale gorge that is about 7 miles long. Visually the gorge is reminscent of Fish Creek, with the paddling difficulties of Letchworth Gorge. The play features are small but very plentiful. The Deer River gorge is deep, remote and stunningly beautiful. Wildlife abounds. Rarely the river abuts the shale cliffs, forming exciting class 3 wave trains and occasional holes. More frequently, though, the river braids and weaves back and forth across the bottom of the gorge, forming numerous channels. HIGH FALLS DAM (TAKEOUT) At 12.4 miles the river plunges over a 25-foot high dam and then plummets 100 feet over High Falls. A small hydroelectric station is located at the dam. The takeout is located on river left, just above the dam. N43.89730 W75.66350 Deer River New Boston Put In Deer River THE PUTIN N43.80024 W75.74643 1507 ft Deer River Beaver River THE GORGE (Class III, Mile 0.1) from put in Deer River THE GORGE (Class III, Mile 0.1) N43.82888 W75.70950 1337 ft THE FLATS (Class II, Mile 7.3) At 7.3 miles from New Boston, Silver Brook THE FLATS (Class II, Mile 7.3) N43.83339 W75.70353 1290 ft https://www.americanwhitewater.org/content/River/detail/id/1288/#main

Comments, Notes: I will continue to visit this location until such time I will be able to obtain permission to access the falls.

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