Waterfall on Little Black Creek, Oneida County, New York

Something out of my Naive Personality, Trust, Friendship, Burn, and Live and Learn

I have never written something like this before…

I do not comment in a negative manner anywhere on the internet world regarding any people or other websites, especially involving “Waterfalls”. I give credit where credit should be. I cite my resources, and go as far to give additional resources which I have compiled since 1990 (give or take a year; I visited waterfall locations prior to 1990).

It was the fall of 2012, when Mr. Schryver (Northern New York Waterfalls) contacted me regarding the waterfall locations that I had starting putting together on shutterfly. I was sooooo excited and in disbelief that someone had an interest in my waterfalls and information. I gladly, and willingly, shared my information and photos with Mr. Schryver. I STILL am forever grateful in Mr. Schryver helping me to build my first website on his personal server.

Not long after the initial awe wore off, In August of 2013, I had to remove my website from Mr. Schryver’s server and migrate to a new hosting service. The lessons and the knowledge learned from Mr. Schryver are priceless! Yet, I have learned so much more since then.

Today, I am proud to be part of a “TEAM” with Dig the Falls!! I am consistently reminded and told of my value and worth! I will explain why this is important toward the end of this post, but bear with me.**

This brings me to my hurt feelings. I am not angry; simply felt very very naive and used! Today my photos nearly no longer exist on Northern New York Waterfalls! I am not at all mentioned in any of Mr Schryvers New Books as being his source of so much information (I am not the only one he has done this to). I have documentation and screenshots of everything I personally contributed!!! I guess I was not entirely naive! Please see the list at the end of the post for clarification of where I provided locations and more to Mr. Schryver. Depending on the feedback on this post I may post one more blog to even further clarify the situation, but for now his website and the books listed will serve well.

**This is where I can say I am blessed to have gone through this experience. I was able to join up with Edward Smathers and the Dig The Falls team, although cautiously at first! we work to cite the sources of information we receive, take good and bad criticism and work to better our website, but best of all – We all value each other in the exact same way! And this is why I have decided to focus my efforts on building an even more complete Dig The Falls website with them.

All this means, for those of you that have followed me for years (possibly decades), is that I will be focusing my efforts on one website instead of two. You may have noticed I have been posting a lot of Dig The Falls blogs? I will still be accessible in the same way I was. All of my blogs are being migrated over to Dig The Falls. All of my citation migrates with me.

In several months I will allow my hosting to lapse, but keep the domain name. I know in my heart that anyone who follows me will understand that I did not make this decision lightly, so I hope you keep following me along with my travels with Dig The Falls.

Books by David J Schryver of Northern New York Waterfalls

1-Roadside Falls of Northern New York Volume 1 The Tri-Counties
2-Roadside Falls of Northern New York Volume 2 The Adirondacks
3-Roadside Falls of Northern New York Volume 3 The Mohawk Valley
4-Backyard Cascades of Northern New York