Wyandot Falls In Ricketts Glen State Park

Waterfall Name: Wyandot Falls In Ricketts Glen State Park
Aka: ——-
Location: Redrock
County: Luzerene

Date visited: 04-16-2008

Gps Falls: N41.32199 W76.27512
Gps Parking: N41.329813 W76.291216
Park or Area: Ricketts Glen State Park
Hiking : 3.2 Mile Loop

Landmark: ——-
Closet Intersection: Hwy 487 and Jamison City Rd

Stream/River: Kitchen Creek
Height: 14′

Whitewater/Canoe map used:——-
Other map used: http://www.docs.dcnr.pa.gov/cs/groups/public/documents/document/dcnr_003164.pdf
Resources: Pennsylvania Waterfalls A Guide For Hikers& Hikers And Photographers
Brochures/Travel guides: https://www.dcnr.pa.gov/StateParks/FindAPark/RickettsGlenStatePark/Pages/default.aspx
Additional info: World Waterfalls Database

Comments/Notes: Lake Rose Trailhead was used for hiking, Trailhead N41.329742 W76.290603