A New Milestone for Me, Stepping UP and Stepping OUT

A New Milestone for Me, Stepping UP and Stepping OUT

Talk about excited and nervous all in one day! I am a person that very much loves to be in the background, behind the scenes, or the shadow. As time is going by so very quickly, I have truly come to realize my personal accomplishments. So with that check out the following links:

My very very FIRST involvement in anything that is LIVE to the public!

Dig the Falls Podcast May 6, 2020

For earlier episodes, be sure to check it out


Join in on all the Dig the Falls Waterfall Challenges

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I am a single mother of three children, a grandmother to three children. My favorite hobby is visiting as many waterfalls as I can, while I can. My goal is to see at least 30 waterfalls in a years time. Listed here on my website are only places I have actually been to. I am in hopes that one of my children or grandchildren will continue with this long after I am gone. We started this adventure around 1990. I have just started to put together this website, and will continue adding on a regular basis.

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