Bobbieswaterfalls Update 10-12-2020

Bobbieswaterfalls Update 10-12-2020

Addressing this to my Friends, Families, Readers and Followers:
It is time for me to put a halt on anymore changes and updating to Bobbieswaterfalls.

I have fixed hundreds of links to my posts. I have gotten back on the list at least pages added to my “Other State Waterfalls”.

I will continue my work after Bobbieswaterfalls website has been completely migrated into my new home with Dig the Falls. I still have pages to fix, and many many photos to yet add.

In the meantime, you will find me posting over at Dig the Falls. I currently have a blog series going on surrounding the Tug Hill Region, as well as doing my Clickety Click Waterfall Wednesdays.

Now remember, I am not gone, just making a better move! Don’t forget to subscribe or do a follow!

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