Blue Hole Falls

Waterfall Name: Blue Hole Falls
Aka: ————-
Location: Otisco Twn

First Visit: 06-24-2013

State: New York State
Region: Central Region
County: Onondaga County
Park Area: Rattlesnake Gulf

NYS Tourism Region: Finger Lakes-Wine Country
NYDEC Region: Central New York

Waterfall Challenge:————-

Waterfall Location: private
Parking: private
Trailhead: private
Trail Name, Reference to: private

Stream, River: Rattlesnake Gulf Creek
Height, Type: 25ft,Ribbon Plunge Cascade
Elevation: 1050 ft
Level of Difficulty, Hiking Distance: ————-

Whitewater Rte, Canoe Rte Map: ————-
Maps: Western New York all outdoors Atlas & Field Guide Publication 2008 135 E4

My Resource: Western New York all outdoors Atlas & Field Guide Publication 2008 135 E4
Book Resource: 200 Waterfalls In Central & Western New York “A Finders’ Guide” By Rich And Sue Freeman 2002
Brochures, Travel Guides, Visitor Guides: ————-
Trail_URL: ————-
Additional Information: World Waterfall Database

Photos, Information Contributed to other Websites: Dig the Falls

Landmark: ————-
Nearest Intersection: The Blue Hole Rd and Otisco Rd
Directions: ————-

Comments, Notes: Private Property No Tresspassing


2 thoughts on “Blue Hole Falls

  1. Paul Adams

    this is not a picture of the blue hole. we do not offer public access to the blue hole. 5 persons have died by sneaking in to cliff jump into it. It saddens me to ask this because of its beauty and fun, but please do not list this waterfall. We do not want anyone else to sneak in and die. -Paul Adams owner of Adams Eden Camp
    P.s. fellows falls is on the other side of otisco road, off Wood mancy. I believe it is accessable through the Llama riding business located on Woodmancy rd.

    1. Bobbie Sweeting Post author

      Mr Adams thank you very much for your quick reply, as well as the clarification of the waterfall I have listed as the Blue hole. Thank you for also verifying Fellows Falls. Yes I was aware there is no public access to the Blue Hole Falls, When we walked your trail, the photo you see listed as the Blue hole, I seen the posted signs and did not trespass, I am very disciplined and abide by owners wishes and property, as so many folks have caused destruction or as you mentioned casualties. Which in turn many homeowners have closed off and posted properties. It is very sad people have come to disrespect personal property and have made it hard for those of us that cause no harm. In regards to the photo, is there a name for that waterfall? Again thank you

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