Bobbieswaterfalls will be down for some loving “maintenance” 9-5-2019

Bobbieswaterfalls will be down for some loving “maintenance” 9-5-2019

Due to many changes over the past several months, Bobbieswaterfalls will be down for a major much needed maintenance. This will happen within the next week or so. Pages will still be accessible with photos and maps.

I had been working on some fixes, trying to implement some new formats, but true end results, more errors were made. Plugins did not work well with others, formatting did not come out as planned, and finding some data on pages were omitted and use duplicate words as fill ins. All is very frustrating! It would be better for me to start with a new plan.

Photos and maps will still be the same. I am removing tablepress. There will also be additions of new locations I have been to over the past few years that I simply did not get put up.

Patience for a “Good” work in progress!

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I am a single mother of three children, a grandmother to three children. My favorite hobby is visiting as many waterfalls as I can, while I can. My goal is to see at least 30 waterfalls in a years time. Listed here on my website are only places I have actually been to. I am in hopes that one of my children or grandchildren will continue with this long after I am gone. We started this adventure around 1990. I have just started to put together this website, and will continue adding on a regular basis.

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