For all you “Waterfall Lover’s” out there!

For all you “Waterfall Lover’s” out there!

It is time for me to announce to the world (some folks already know), some commitments I have made not only to my personal website, but also to bigger and better attachment to the waterfall communities.

First, I had been asked if I would like to join the  “Digthefalls” team, and I have accepted and along with that opened up new responsibilities and commitments.

In case you did not know, Digthefalls also has a partnership with Field Trip, creator of the Field Trip App. If you have not yet joined you may do so here

Another New important announcement was the “New York State Waterfall Coalition”
Check this out here

My personal website here, will still follow my personal simple basic structure. Links and pages will be live for those waterfall locations I personally visited. I am slowly moving towards listing all the waterfall locations that I have had on my personal private, compiled list of 20 plus years. Which I am sure may have wrong information, until confirmed.

Anyone that I have on my Resource page, please check back and confirm that they are still most current and up to date! Also check my Other Link Resources to.

I am behind on my “Other States” waterfall lists, but will continue adding and posting them.

I am excited about new opportunities, new friends, new projects and most of all utilizing my self-worth in something I value more than almost everything!! WATERFALLS!!

Feel free to checkout
I will continue adding products as I sort out my best photos!!

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