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My First Road Trip in 2014 Was Adventurous But not Productive

My First Road Trip in 2014 Was Adventurous But not Productive

My First Road Trip in 2014 Was Adventurous But not Productive
On February 15 2014 a weekend road trip was planned to the Catskill Region.

This was not a very good start to my year for a road trip! But, as I mentioned in my prior post, I would share my road trips for the 2014 season.

To start off the morning we left late. So right off, I had to cut off some of the first few stops, as we had our destination planned to where we had to be by end of day. So we jumped on the thruway and headed on our way.

So the very next unforeseen issue was the gps did not want to cooperate and follow the route entered into it. I so dislike when that happens. But, as always I had all my paperwork and maps with me. This brought us even farther out of the way, and farther behind time.

So we get off the thruway (after I noticed we had missed the prior exits) and start heading south. We had no knowledge that we were driving right into a snowstorm and un-plowed roads. There were trucks and cars off the road. I was getting very nervous, and in my mind saying to turn around and go home.

So next, after barely making up and over some hills we decided that we had enough and was going to head home, only to come upon a truck off the road, and we had to stop and wait till the road was cleared to let us go by. What gave us some humor in this situation was we were driving a car, kept it on the road, but sitting there watching the one truck trying to get the other truck out of the ditch, and that truck got stuck too.

After the vehicles had moved out of the way, we continued on only to find a van off the road and a young girl sitting there. So we pulled over to see if we could be of help. We ended up leaving her van there stuck, and took her to her families home where they could help her. We headed for home!!

Needless to say, all that traveling and time and never seen a thing! We did try to find a couple of locations on the front end of the trip, but could not locate them or it is possible with the snow, they were not visible or frozen or anything is possible.

Flat Creek in Montgomery County, is on private property, but I have still yet to find it.

Buttermilk Falls, may also be known as Yatesville Falls in Montgomery County, we went around the entire park and there was no signs of anyone hiking into the falls and the snow was to deep to attempt without snowshoes.

We found Panther Creek Trailhead in Schoharie County, but again, it looked as though no one attempting the hike in. This particular location has gotten the best of me. I have tried on different occasions to get back to the location and seemed to just keep going around it. Burnt-Rossman Hill State Forest is quite a large area down there. It is now almost a year later and I have obtained more detailed information on this.

It was at this point we gave up the trip and headed  home.

Our next roadtrip of the season made up for this one! Stay tuned…….