Burr Falls, Litchfield County, Connecticut 2005

Burr Falls

Burr Falls

Waterfall Name: Burr Falls
AKA: Burrville Falls
Location: Torrington
County: Litchfield
Park/Area: Burr Falls Sp
Stream/River: Burr Pond

Dates Visited: 2-20-2005

Gps of Falls: N41.86976 W73.08829
Gps of Parking: N41.86991 W73.08721
Landmark: ——-
Height, Elevation, Type of Waterfall: Slide, 875ft

Level of Difficulty/Hiking Distance: Can be seen from the roadside

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Book/Internet Resource Used: Connecticut Waterfalls
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Closet Intersection: Burr Mountain Rd And Winsted Rd And Greenwoods Rd
Directions: 1. From the Intersections of US 44 and S Main St and Hwy 8 S, 2. Get on Hwy 8 S and drive southwest and drive for 2.4 miles. 3. Take exit 46 to the right onto Pinewoods Rd towards Burrville and drive for 0.3 miles. 4. Turn right onto Pinewoods Rd towards Burrville and drive for 0.2 miles. 5. Turn left onto Winsted Rd and drive for 1.0 miles. 6. Turn right onto Burr Mountain Rd and drive for 0.2 miles. 7. Burr Falls Parking
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