Cunningham Falls Maryland

Waterfall Name: Cunningham Falls Maryland
Aka: McAfee Falls
Location: Blue Ridge Summit
County: Frederick

Date visited: 9/30/2013

Gps Falls: N39.63173 W77.47151
Gps Parking: N39.63257 W77.47223
Park or Area: Cunningham Falls State Park
Hiking : Lower Trail — red blaze (.5 mile) Cliff Trail — yellow blaze (.75 mile)

Landmark: Catoctin Furnace
Closet Intersection: ——-

Stream/River: Stream
Height: 78ft Cascade

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Additional info: Cunningham Falls State Park Catoctin Furnace

Comments/Notes: Parking available along MD Route 77, Catoctin Hollow Road, the Manor Area and William Houck Area. Restrooms available in the William Houck and Manor Areas of Cunningham Falls State Park.