Stony Brook Falls In High Braes Refuge Campground, Lower

Waterfall Name: Stony Brook Falls In High Braes Refuge Campground, Lower
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Location: Redfield

First Visit: 08-03-2013

State: New York State
Region: Central Region
County: Oswego County
Park Area: High Braes Refuge Campground

NYS Tourism Region: Thousand Island-Seaway
NYDEC Region: Central New York

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Waterfall Location: N43.53463 W75.77366
Parking: N43.52507 W75.77684
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Stream, River: Stony Brook
Height, Type: various
Elevation: 1050ft
Level of Difficulty, Hiking Distance: Easy to Moderate From the Manor House parking area it is approximately a 3/4 walk along the dirt road, and then additional 1/4 mile to the falls. From the parking area near the Old Logging road it is approximately a 1/4 mile walk to the falls.

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My Resource: I had done some volunteer work here with a church group, and was told of the waterfalls.
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Brochures, Travel Guides, Visitor Guides: The Braes High Braes Refuge
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Additional Information: High Braes Refuge is shown on google maps

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Landmark: The Braes High Braes Refuge
Nearest Intersection: Waterbury Rd and Mc Caw Rd
Directions: From Richland, at the intersection of Main St (County Route 48) and County Route 2, take County Route 2 east for 12.2 miles. You will pass through the little town of Orwell and Little America. At 12.2 miles you will come to the intersection of County Route 17 in Redfield. Turn right and drive 1.3 miles on County Route 17. At 1.3 miles you will make a left hand turn onto Waterbury Rd. Drive on Waterbury Rd for 1.7 miles. The entrance to the campground will be on your left. You will see a big iron gate and rock wall on both sides. The gate is usually open. You need to drive in and park at the main building to get permission and a map.

Comments, Notes: Contact The Braes High Braes Refuge 196 Waterbury Road Redfield, NY 13437 Phone: (315) 599-7362 Fax: (315) 599-4005 The owners ask that you stop in and talk to them first, and they will tell you if the dirt road is drivable, where to park as well as explain the map to you.