Fall Creek Gorge and Waterfalls – 9 Named Waterfalls, Ithaca

Fall Creek Gorge and Waterfalls – 9 Named Waterfalls, Ithaca

Fall Creek Gorge and Waterfalls – 9 Named Waterfalls, Ithaca
Fall Creek Gorge and Waterfalls Tompkins County, Ithaca New York
Stream or River: Falls Creek flows into Cayuga Lake

Named waterfalls in Fall Creek Gorge: Foaming Falls, Forest Falls, Rocky Falls aka Sibley Falls and Triphammer Falls, Horseshoe Falls

Dates Visited:
I have yet to see all the falls here in the park. We only made it maybe to Triphammer Falls. I wanted to include all the information I have accumulated since 2008. If the information I provided here is different or wrong, or you have additional information to provide, feel free to let me know.

Maps and Resources used to gather information:
Cornell Map
Western New York all outdoors Atlas & Field Guide Publication 2008 103 B6
200 Waterfalls In Central & Western New York “A Finders’ Guide” By Rich And Sue Freeman 2002
New York Waterfalls “A Guide For Hikers & Photographers” by Scott E. Brown 2010
World Waterfall Database

I-81 South in Cortland, Take exit 12 to the right onto US-11/Rt-41 towards Rt-281/Homer/Cortland and drive for .4 miles. Keep left onto Highway 281 ramp and drive for .5 miles. Take the Rt-281 S ramp towards Ithaca for 196 ft. Turn left onto Highway 281 and drive for 11.4 miles. Turn right onto W Main Street and drive for  6.0 miles. Turn left onto Dryden Road and drive for 3.3 miles. Turn right onto Tower Road for 431 ft. Turn left onto Campus Road and drive for 1.3 miles. Turn right onto Stewart Ave and drive for .5 miles.                
Length of Hike: Approx 1 Mile Round Trip With The Others
Parking areas:
This loop can be accessed from four trailheads:
On University Avenue across from the Johnson Museum of Art.
Behind Risley Hall on North Campus
From the south end of the bridge that crosses Fall Creek on Stewart Avenue
At the north end of the pedestrian suspension bridge off of Fall Creek Drive

Fall Creek Falls Parking , N42.45158 W76.49093
Fall Creek Dr Parking, N42.45272 W76.48534
Fall Creek Risley Hall Parking and Trail, N42.45271 W76.48154
Fall Creek University Ave Parking and Trail, N42.45141 W76.48500
Ithaca Falls Parking, N42.45297 W76.49471

Ithaca Falls aka Olympic Falls
Falls: N42.45265 W76.49157
Landmark: Alpha Sigma Phi
Height: 150 ft
Elevation: 505 ft
Type: Cascade
Hike: 15 Minutes

Fall Creek Falls 2
Falls: N42.45213 W76.48253
Landmark: In the section between Rocky Falls and Triphammer Falls
Elevation: 737 ft

Starting from Lake Street at Ithaca Falls from west to East
Waterfall                                                              Location                          Elevation
Ithaca Falls                                                            N42.45265 W76.49157      505 ft
Forest Falls                                                            N42.45209 W76.48831
Horseshoe Falls                                                   N42.45191 W76.48753      667 ft
Foaming Falls                                                       N42.45186 W76.48610      696 ft
Rocky Falls                                                            N42.45204 W76.48437
Fall Creek falls 1                                                  N42.45251 W76.48351
Fall Creek Falls 2                                                 N42.45213 W76.48253      737 ft
Triphammer Falls                                               N42.45161 W76.48058      740 ft
Sackett Footbridge Falls Trail                           N42.45174 W76.47319
Class of 48 Falls                                                  N42.45328 W76.47308      835 ft
Lovers Falls aka Lover’s Leap                           N42.45330 W76.47099      809 ft
Fall Creek Falls 3                                                 N42.45084 W76.46817     827 ft
Fall Creek Falls 4 look up from bridge            N42.45143 W76.46665     840 ft

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