Whiteface Mountain Highway, waterfall, Essex County, New York State

Road-trip September 27-28 2014 Whiteface Mountain

Road-trip September 27-28 2014 Whiteface Mountain

Road-trip September 27-28 2014 Whiteface Mountain
Well….it was one of those spontaneous decisions to head up north, to see the fall foliage! Destination-Whiteface Mountain….
Got a late start yesterday, getting on the road somewhere around 1:00-1:30pm with a 4 hour drive ahead of us. No plans, no pre-determined stops..just a throw and go….the throw and go, no planning I so much dislike…it was our first stop up at Inlet, that I realized I had grabbed the old camera, which works when it seems to want too….so I suffered with trying to utilize the cell phone. Now mind you….I have not really practiced taking pics for any real purpose with the Iphone.

We managed to hit a couple of new waterfall locations for me. We also re-visited some old ones. Drove by several ones I wanted to hit, but had to remind myself our destination was Whiteface. The new ones were Squaw Brook Falls and Clifford Falls. The re-visited ones were Schroon Falls and Split Rock Falls and the falls on route 73, which I still yet need to verify exact information on. I also took a few more pics of the waterfall you see going up the Whiteface Memorial Highway.

Now, I would like to take a moment and go back to Schroon Falls. We again asked some folks in Schroon Lake if they knew of the whereabouts of Schroon Falls. I have information that there is 2 different locations with different height and distance. I still cannot located the second one.

I am currently behind on getting photos posted here to website. Will try my best to at least get the new ones up.

I just wanted to also share that this trip, was my grandson (6 years old) first actual big climb. This was the trail at the top of Whiteface Mountain. My grandson did awesome with the length of travel time as well. I am so proud of him. Also cannot forget to mention my little Lilabelle (Chihuahua) also made the great climb! I had my hands full, dog in one, grandchild in the other not to mention, water bottle and cell phone and old camera!


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