Taughannock Falls, Tompkins County, New York

Taughannock Falls State Park – Taughannock Creek & Waterfalls

Taughannock Falls State Park – Taughannock Creek & Waterfalls

Taughannock Falls State Park – Taughannock Creek & Waterfalls
Taughannock Falls State Park, Tompkins County, New York, Town of Ulysses
Stream or River: Taughannock Creek flows into Cayuga Lake

Other named waterfalls: Taughannock Lower Falls, Taughannock Upper Falls There are several more smaller falls.

Dates Visited: 7/15/2006 9/02/2006 5/6/2012

Maps and Resources used to gather information:
Western New York all outdoors Atlas & Field Guide Publication 2008 103 A5
200 Waterfalls In Central & Western New York “A Finders’ Guide” By Rich And Sue Freeman 2002
New York Waterfalls “A Guide For Hikers & Photographers” by Scott E. Brown 2010
Taughannock Falls State Park
Taughannock Falls State Park Map
American Whitewater
American Whitewater

From the New York State Thruway, take Exit 41 to 318 East for 4 miles. Head South on Route 89 for 35 miles.

Length of Hike:
Gorge Trail: 3/4 mile Easy
South Rim Trail: 1 1/8 mile Moderate
North Rim Trail: 1.5 mile Moderate

Parking areas:
Podunk Road Put In
N42.52331 W76.66265
Rt 96 bridge take out
N42.52989 W76.63718
Parking 4 Taughannock Park Road
N42.53058 W76.62130
Parking 3 Jacksonville Road
N42.53201 W76.61633
Falls Overlook Parking Taughannock Park Road
N42.53859 W76.60858
Parking Gorge Road
N42.54370 W76.59780

Taughannock Falls
Falls: N42.53533 W76.61067
Landmark: Crossover bridge at the base of the falls
Height: 215 ft
Elevation: 675 ft
Type: Plunge

Taughannock Lower Falls
Falls: N42.54473 W76.60126
Height: 15 ft
Elevation: 425 ft
Type: Step Cascade

Taughannock Upper Falls
Falls: N42.53236 W76.61586
Landmark: Railroad Trail
Height: 100 ft span
Elevation: 725 ft to 700 ft
Type: Narrow Cascade

From the Podunk Road to Rt 96 bridge section
Utilizing google imagery and the whitewater route, there is mention of description of 2 main sections. The following is approximate locations. The others may only be small rapids.

Falls Class 3+(4) double-ledge drop (8 ft)100+ft slide.  
N42.52793 W76.65260 900 ft
Falls                      N42.53047 W76.65101 889 ft
Falls                      N42.53071 W76.64827    869 ft
Falls                      N42.53224 W76.64458    865 ft
Falls                      N42.53216 W76.64284    866 ft
Falls  Class 3+(4) drop
N42.53162 W76.64186    866 ft
Falls                      N42.53081 W76.64084    847 ft
Falls                      N42.52991 W76.63889    852 ft
Falls                      N42.52965 W76.63788    850 ft
From Rte. 96 bridge to Jacksonville Road section
Falls                      N42.52959 W76.63641    859 ft
Falls                      N42.52926 W76.63071    842 ft
Falls                      N42.52926 W76.62871    844 ft
Falls                      N42.52914 W76.62734
Falls                      N42.53309 W76.61734
Falls                      N42.53241 W76.61691    810 ft
From Jacksonville Road down to Highway 89
Falls                                                    N42.53237 W76.61589
Railroad Trail                                    N42.53247 W76.61556   775 ft
Taughannock Upper Falls           N42.53329 W76.61396
The next 2 maybe the Triple Drop section
Falls                                                    N42.53487 W76.61199
Falls                                                    N42.53528 W76.61105   704 ft
Tompkins Taughannock Falls    N42.53559 W76.61044
Crossover bridge                             N42.53689 W76.60901   573 ft
Falls                                                    N42.53872 W76.60363   533 ft
Falls                                                    N42.54332 W76.60238   414 ft
Taughannock Lower Falls           N42.54496 W76.60075   404 ft

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